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Every time I hear Uhuru Kenyatta or his acolytes say that debate on land issues is too emotive and would be divisive I ask myself if they are serious.

Of course, land issues are emotive and they can divide societies precisely because land is a key factor in the lives of many African societies, and I do not have to go into the economic, socio-spiritual considerations surrounding land. However to suggest that issues pertaining to land should not be debated because of the above is nonsense. (more…)

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I have posted some of the issues raised at the Stockholm Internet Forum, attended by delegate from all over the world.

Internet Forum

Is there a mutual exclusivity between internet freedom and public security? Could unfettered privacy prejudice common interest and safety. Is there a trade-off to be made between our collective well-being and individual confidentiality?

Big Brother Watching

You are being watched, so beware. The great leaps that have been made in net communication and the extraordinary strides in freedom-enhancing conversations could easily lie as to how much we are susceptible to intrusion. Ed Snowden has said it all. We need to take note.